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Patron Points: the loyalty solution for petroleum proprietors.

Patron Points is a loyalty program platform designed exclusively for the petroleum industry.
We help independent convenience stores, small chains, petroleum distributors and petroleum
co-ops across the country retain customers, increase profits, and thrive in highly competitive

Unlike many loyalty programs, Patron Points is easy-to-use and fully customizable by
members. We take loyalty programs to the next level: we provide members with personalized
marketing pieces, direct mail campaigns, and in-store signage. Even better? We make sure our
members always maintain a competitive advantage over the gas station across the road. Our
loyalty program is exclusive to one member within a competitive geography.

At Patron Points, we understand that proprietors of local convenience stations have a huge
work load and a lot on their minds. They may want to initiate a loyalty program to honor their
most valued customers, but don't have the time (or means) to do it. Patron Points makes it
easy and affordable to run and maintain a loyalty program that helps these businesses thrive.

Our loyalty program works with Passport, Sapphire, Commander and other systems.

Where is Patron Points available?

Patron Points is centrally located near the Twin Cities in Minnesota. We proudly serve
stations across the United States.


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