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Gas Station App

The Benefits of Choosing Our Petroleum Gas Station Rewards Program

If you’re looking for an effective way to increase business and retain loyal customers, offering petroleum gas station rewards is a great way to do so. With our gas station app, your customers can find all of your locations, track their points, and cash them in for a variety of rewards. Check out some of the many benefits that offering petroleum gas station rewards can provide, so you can decide whether it’s the right option for you.

  • Our gas station app and rewards program is specifically geared toward retailers and convenience stores in the petroleum industry, but we also offer our program to other business models. Petroleum gas station rewards is a great way to retain customers so they continue to choose your business over your competitors.

  • Our program is completely customizable, giving you 100% control of the program. That means you can choose how many points are required to cash in on rewards and other perks depending on your specific needs. The goal is to help you design a flexible program that will best fit your unique goals for growth.

  • We leverage all profit centers and develop a cross-marketing plan that will help you reach more people. In turn, you should notice an increase in business and your bottom line.

  • Our gas station app is technology-based and designed to take advantage of leading mobile app technology. We also use robust reporting to help you get closer to your customers and develop the right program for you.

  • We integrate with all key POS systems which include Verifone-Commander, Gilbarco-Passport and Edge, NRC-Radiant, Pinnacle, Clover and SmartDesq. We are a certified partner on these platforms which offers you the flexibility to create a loyalty program that’s specific to your demographic and location.

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