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Choosing the Right Customizable Loyalty Solution for Your Convenience Store

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Today's consumers demand convenience and quick service, which is exactly what a convenient store offers. Whether it be a gas station, grocery store, or sandwich shop, there is no better way to stay competitive than by offering a personalized customer loyalty program tailored to your company's needs. Many customizable options are available on the market today, including customizable loyalty apps, customizable magnetic strip cards, and even customizable prepaid gift cards. Some programs offer all of these options, while others only offer one or two. Choosing the right program for your company is not an easy task. This article will give you several tips on choosing the best-customized loyalty solution for your convenience store.

How to Select the Right Company for Your System

Not all programs will deliver on the promise, so it is important to research before choosing a loyalty program. It would be best if you asked some questions before making a decision. For example, does this program offer everything I need as a business owner? Will this program work with my POS system? How much time will it take to get the new loyalty program up and running?

Ask About Ongoing Training

Customizable loyalty programs are not always easy to use. Even though some of these programs come with training videos, you should ensure that any company providing this service offers ongoing training sessions. Ongoing training sessions will help you maximize your sales and make the most of this customizable loyalty program.

How Does This Loyalty Program Benefit My Business?

When looking for a customized loyalty program, it is important to ask if the company offering this service will give you all the necessary tools to succeed. Remember that your success is the loyalty program's success too. Be sure to ask if this program comes with a customer management system to track sales by site, purchaser name, and purchase date. A good customizable loyalty program will also offer a customized marketing campaign that conforms to your company's brand identity.

What Is Your Customization Process Like?

This is a question that can help you determine if a company listens to the needs of its customers. Ask how customization works and what types of edits can be made during this process. If you are allowed to make multiple changes, it shows that the company cares about your business and wants to ensure you get what you want from your loyalty program.

Who Is Responsible for the Implementation?

It would help if you asked who is responsible for implementing this program at your business. Many companies will offer a complete implementation, but some may only provide you with stickers and cards and require that you install the loyalty cards on your own POS system (or through another third-party service). If you are not technically savvy, this may cause more stress than it is worth. It would be best to look for a company that offers to handle all of the program's installation and implementation at no cost.

Ensure you do your research before signing up for a loyalty program that will work with your convenience store. Be sure to ask the right questions so that you are satisfied with the customized loyalty solution offered.

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