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Increase Sales with our Tobacco Scan Data and Loyalty Program!

The Patron Points Tobacco Scan Data and Loyalty program uses scan data and cutting edge technology to help you increase your tobacco sales on a large scale. As part of our convenience store rewards program, this data reporting program helps you open up your business to a brand new target market!

Almost 60% of adult smokers say they'd switch to buying tobacco products at a convenience store if they offered a loyalty program.

When you use this as part of your Patron Point's rewards program, you increase your customer base and reach a wider target market. Our scan data program files your data timely and accurately ensuring that you are getting the maximum payment with each and every transaction. With our solution, you will be able to boost loyalty, improve retention rates, and much more!

You can also participate in our multi-pack deals program. This drives repeat traffic to your business and increases customer loyalty. The program allows you to offer competitive pricing for many of today's most popular tobacco brands. Using our program, you will be more competitive in the market!

Our tobacco Scan Data and Loyalty program allows our clients to reward customers for shopping at their location. Whether it is buying gasoline, tobacco products, or snacks, a loyalty program can increase your business revenue by a significant margin.


Scan data analytics is a metric that records data whenever consumers make a purchase. When someone buys something using your POS system, the information is captured into a program that is stored for analysis. This data includes information about each item sold in your store on a given day, the number of specific items sold, and the final sales price.

With this recording, you can get a much clearer picture of what consumers want and how you can make changes to increase your business. This data also helps you offer a variety of perks to customers including special rewards on gasoline and tobacco. Patron Points offers scan data reporting to petroleum stations and convenience stores through several programs!


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