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The truth is, no one likes buying gas. However with Patron Points, you will be rewarded for the purchases you are already making!


When you become a member with Patron Points, you instantly gain access to a wealth of exciting features and tools that you can use to save time and money! With the Patron Points program you can begin to collect rewards every time you make a purchase and fill up your car – it’s that simple!


Do My Points Expire?

Depending on the location of issuance.

WHAT DO I DO IF I lost my card?

Please ask your location for a new card and then call us. We will ask for your new card number and will be happy to transfer your points to the new card if you previously filled out the sign up form for your lost card.

HOw do I contact patron points?

Please call us at (877) 623-6073 or email us at

What can i get with my points?

Please visit the location where you received your card and they would be happy to share with you what you can get for your points.

CAn I see my purchase history with my card?

Yes, Click the Sign In button above.

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