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Patron points proudly supports altria's agdc p+

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P+ Program

Personalization+ (P+)  is personalized, incremental loyalty for Tier 3 retailers. P+ provides offers in addition to multi-pack and traditional loyalty.

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Currently Patron Points is one of the only third-party loyalty providers that can deliver P+ promotions.

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Stores with high tobacco volume and loyalty gave out an average of 100 Altria P+ discounts each week, saving consumers at those locations nearly $200 during this first period.

What this means for you

With P+, not only will you earn current rebates, but you will be eligible for additional reimbursements including:

  • $2 per new EAIV registration with Altria

  • Personalized offers to your customers


Tier 1

  • Atoc Scan Data


Tier 2

  • Tier 1 Requirements

  • Retailer Digital Platform for ATC's 21+

  • Deliver Retail Digital Coupons

  • Unbranded Communications in #1 position


Tier 3

  • Tier 1& 2 Requirements

  • Responsible Branded Digital Advertising Requirements

  • Deliver ATV 21+ Value to Specific Loyalty ID's

  • Digital Advertisements for ATOC
    Offers in the #1 Position

P+ Compatible

Tier Service Capability

Receipt examples:

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