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Patron Points Altria AGDC P+ Press Release

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

August 14, 2023

WOODBURY, Minnesota—(BUSINESS WIRE)— Patron Points (, a leading developer of technology solutions and provider of customizable loyalty programs, mobile apps and scan data reporting for the convenience store industry, announced today the results from the first period of Altria’s AGDC Personalization Plus (P+) program, launched on July 2nd, 2023.

“It is fantastic to be the very first provider to fully roll out Atria AGDC P+ program to all our eligible retail partners.” said Erik Ogren, President and Co-founder of Patron Points. “We and our participating retailers are thrilled with the results thus far and even more are reaching out to get enrolled.”

The data from the P+ program speaks for itself. Over the initial four weeks of the program, Patron Points processed nearly 34,000 Altria P+ discounts to consumers. Stores with high tobacco volume and loyalty gave out an average of 100 Altria P+ discounts each week, saving consumers at those locations nearly $200 during this first period.

Retailers have also seen a positive impact. “When our digital retail partners realize the benefits the AGDC P+ program will have on overall sales, they will get on board immediately. Especially since we are providing this added service to our tiers clients at no additional cost” said Tom Harrington, Director of Sales at Patron Points.

With the Patron Points’ implementation of the Altria P+ program, retailers can increase customer loyalty and drive traffic to their store(s), as shown in the initial roll out. The P+ program also puts dollars back in consumers’ pockets and lends credibility to the manufacturers.

About Patron Points:

Patron Points has been developing technology to deliver customizable loyalty solutions for businesses and retailers in the convenience store industry for more than19 years. They deliver first-class service to their retail partners with a portfolio of loyalty, mobile app and scan data solutions. All designed for retailers to keep the customers that they already have, while acquiring new ones.


For media inquiries or further assistance, please contact:

Jennifer Roth, media contact on behalf of Patron Points


Heather Webb, Director of Operations, Patron Points


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